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Create With WCI

We make it a practice to say yes.

Yes to the interior designer who’s created a seating idea that’s totally unexpected. Yes to a client who wants custom designed meditation pods with integrated sound and lighting. Yes to the client who wants a table design that integrates satin brass with butcher block.

With a manufacturing team equipped with inquiring minds and over 100 collective years of experience, getting to yes comes easily. Yes, in fact, is woven into our corporate cloth, just as optimism is our shared language.

With yes as our starting point, we give our clients the unencumbered freedom to create.

Design-first thinking demands materials mastery.

Given West Coast Industries’ longevity, we’ve put a product in almost every known space: collaboration huddles and boardrooms, stadiums and ballparks, hotel lobbies and guest rooms, cafe’s, ski resorts, and Michelin-rated restaurants. Which means we’ve manipulated materials into endless forms and shapes, tested them to BIFMA standards and in cold, hot, wet, dry and windy environments.

We meet our creative partners with that deep knowledge of materials. The design that follows—the form—is critical to both us and our clients. It’s our job to serve the design first, then build in the function in a seamless, artful way.

The long view in all things.

Design obsolescence is not in our vocabulary. West Coast Industries is known for the integrity of its products and their ability to serve long into the future. We consider design, materials, finishes and application, then aim to create not what’s faddish, but what’s timeless. Simply put, doing so not only creates beautiful furniture but protects the environment.

And while the rest of the furniture-making world was thinking in cubes and four square walls, West Coast Industries was creating furniture for open spaces and collaboration. Our once-ancillary furniture is now center-of-the-plate relevant, serving the spaces that serve today’s diverse and multi-generational workforce.

We look forward with open minds.

Community is central to all things West Coast Industries.

We support the design community and strive to foster a spirit of goodwill and lasting relationships. Our aesthetic optimism is central to our core values as well as the growth of the design community.

You bring out the rebel in us.

Inside West Coast Industries’ nearly century-old heart lives a rebellious thinker. One who is eager to collaborate, to realize your vision—even stretch your imagination. Let us find the unexpected solution together.

Reach out. We love to say yes.

West Coast Industries.
Technical Masters. Rebellious Thinkers. Creative Partners.