Stewards of big design – and a tiny blue planet

Sustainability is not a trend at WCI, it’s an everyday reality that permeates every product we produce and every breath we take. How we operate today directly affects tomorrow’s possibilities. We are always looking for ways to not only sustain but to reduce our environmental footprint.

What we do:

  • Recycle the fabric remnants in our banquette factory to wrap the coil springs under the seats. We used to use burlap, but why not use what we already have?
  • Use soy based foams for our banquette seats and back cushions. This switch has allowed us to maintain a high quality fit and feel without a negative environmental impact.
  • The core material we use for our table tops are certified NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde). This is especially good for our clients and for our factory workers.
  • Natural wood is USA grown and harvested under federally mandated controlled forestation. FSC materials are available upon request.
  • Steel table columns come from the nation’s largest recycler of scrap steel, our columns consist of an average of 91.7% recycled steel.
  • Use a thermal fused powder coating process with a 100% capture-filter system. And we use a trivalent plating system, which uses 96% less chromium that conventional plating processes and doesn’t produce any toxic sludge.
  • Use blanket wrap carriers whenever possible to limit the use of cardboard and other packaging materials.
  • Use only waterborne UV finishes instead of solvent based finishes.
  • We bring our environmental advocacy into our offices as well, with internal recycling programs and a composting campaign in our San Francisco office.

We are looking forward to the future possibilities of sustainability, including recycling more materials and reducing our waste. We possess the flexibility and forethought to adopt new technology and ideas as they emerge.

We are all stewards of big design and a tiny blue planet.