If it isn’t on our website, it’s in our factory

“Can you make...?” That’s how a lot of client phone calls to WCI begin. Designers and dealers know that we’re more than our catalog. We’re also the go-to collaborator for the custom designs other manufacturers are unable to handle.

For more than 70 years, we’ve been a creative and innovative partner to thousands of clients across the country and around the world. Whether it’s a café, bistro, conference room, corporate cafeteria, or that in-between space, our tables, banquettes and seating are there for you. With all fabrication done at our Los Angeles factory our turnaround is perhaps the fastest in the industry.

WCI looks to the future inspired by its customer's commitment to design, and is prepared to meet the ever-changing and rapidly expanding needs of the industries it serves.

Customers continually tell us, “You guys can do anything.” We think the customer is always right.

Take a look around our site, what you find might surprise you!

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